Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Study Week!!!

Its already past 2 or 4 days I updating my precious blog...the last entry is about what new drama I want to download...but this time I'm not updating about any drama...for this entry I will talk about what i usually do when I in study week...

what I always do when it is already study week before the final exam????

the FIRST thing is I will organize all my notes and tutorial for chapter that will come out in final exam... I kind the opposite with others...when you see my study table or my bed in messy condition its mean that I'm not study at contrast when you see my study table or my bed is neat and organize its mean I already start to study...why i include my bed because I always put note or books on my bed after I doing tutorial so right now my bed is queen size and have a lot of space that I can put things..hehehe..what a bad habit right....

SECOND things that i will do during the study week is disturbing people for teach me what topic that I really not understand...i can be really annoying for certain people and sometimes the person that I always disturb will make 1001 excuse for not seeing me.....hahaha...but at the same time I also will be a tutor to my friends that not really understand certain topic that I can proudly announce that I already master it...hohohohoho

the THIRD things is I will go to the shop or convenience shop to refill the unhealthy food like chocolate, potato chips, sweet and other unhealthy food in my room for me to eat when I feel so stress or my memory is block due to excess of study...this food also is useful when I study until late midnight when I feel so unhealthy right...hahaha

that is all I think my habit when I in study week...
for this time its feel kind the different because for the first time I cannot call my mother before I will seat for exam paper...its already one month she passed away and I really really miss her especially when I stress and feel so tired when study...but I know that she will be happy at "there"

I need to be strong not only for myself but also for my sisters...
Aja Aja Hwaiting!!!!!!!

that is all my entry for this time...i need to offline now because later I will play futsal for the last time before final exam and for the last time for this semester....


  1. be strong here for u...just knock the door next to ur room n u can share ur prob with me..but,,dont forget to give 'salam' before u serbu masuk my bed room..thats the rule!n please bring somethng cikedis or jajan for me too...aku kan kawan hang yang kuat makan..hahaha~~~