Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Time I MISS HER ~~~

I come back after a year I left this blog and it happen again today when the time I miss her so much. Although right now I have someone to share a shoulder but I still need her. I know that thing will never happen but can I ask her to come into my dream although it just for a moment??? I do not have anything to said just I really miss her.. Right now only this song can relate to me ~~

                   LYn - Missing You... Crying... 

As if nothing’s wrong, I joke around with my friends
Saying being alone is better, that I didn’t know it’s this nice
I pretend to be strong, I try to smile but my eyes can’t lie

I miss you so I’m crying, I miss you so I’m crying
I comfort myself but the tears keep dripping
After getting exhausted from endlessly crying, I fall asleep
I can’t even see you in my dreams
So I cry, I just cry

I came out of the house without any plans and got on the bus
Wherever my feet lead me, I can’t see you, who used to love me

I miss you so I’m crying, I miss you so I’m crying
I comfort myself but the tears keep dripping
After getting exhausted from endlessly crying, I fall asleep
I can’t even see you in my dreams

There’s so much I didn’t do for you
There’s nothing that I did for you
I’m so sorry for all the bad things I did to you
So tears keep falling

I cry, I just cry
I try to forget you but I keep…

I miss you so I’m crying, I miss you so I’m crying
I comfort myself but the tears keep dripping
After getting exhausted from endlessly crying, I fall asleep
I can’t even see you in my dreams
I cry

Saturday, April 19, 2014

After long time~~~~

Olla~~~ Annyeong~~~
Its already two years I'm not updating anything at here...It just I'm to lazy to write anything more prefer to hold it by myself...So what happen to me in this two years??? hahaha..I'm finally finish my study and now just wait for the graduation day...n I'm officially enter to adult world by enter the working the way now I'm working as junior consultant in internal audit...n I still single...hahaha..when can I found my prince charming or I prefer to call my other half??? so cheesy right now...Lets stop bout it ok...hahaha...Please congrats me because today is my birthday..YES 19 April is my BIRTHDAY!!!! n today is one day that I really miss her so much...It's already three years she leave me...just thinking what will happen if she still with me...It will be superb right..she will ask me what I want to eat and ask whether I sick or not? (I'm sick actually flue and fever)...It happen last year also on my just I miss her so much...This is the place I can tell my feeling on how much I love her...I just dont want to burden anyone but sometimes I really need someone to lean on...before I start to cry lets stop at here...hahahaha...I will try to update as much as I can...for now bye bye ^_^

Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Week Later~~~

it's already one week after i update my not-so-happening blog...hehehe...what happen to me within the week???

1. start a real semester and got Corporate Governance quiz just after two weeks start the this quiz i do silly mistake like usual things i do..hehehe..

2. got two as exco mass media for my english club and also meeting with all facilitator to talk the problem and solution what happen during orientation and induction of student and facilitator respectively. at the same time talk bout where we will do holiday for facilitator. at this time we all got two place need to choose whether do at 
Pulau Cherating or Pulau Langkawi..

3. i just do the usual thing i do within this week like what i do in past2 week such as:
a- downloading new korean drama ^_^V
b- playing futsal with my friends
c- jogging in the evening at campus lake (only when i not feel lazy)
d- do tutorial (this not really things i do..hehehe)

owh ya~~~ got another accident that i forget to n my friends saw notice who want to learn as a gurl that love music i so excited want to go because i thought they will teach us music instrument like keyboard, guitar (which i craving to leran it) and so on..
but on the way to go USK (Unit Sukan dan Kebudayaan), i meet one of the staff that i know and i ask him:
me: Abg Adib hari ni ada kelas musik kan kat USK???
Abg Adib: A'ah ada kalau tak silap abg.
me: Diorang ajar alat musik pe???
Abg Adib: alat musik melayu mcm gamelan..
me: APA!!!! GAMELAN!!! (at this time i just sit down because of shock) 
you know that i'm not too into for traditional music...thank god that at USK there are campus gym beside the music place and on that day it is girl time to use the without shame face ask one student that want to use gym to share her coupon (at my campus we use coupon to enter the gym) but i will pay her (1coupon = RM1) i enter gym and run on treadmill with skinny jeans...hehehe

that is all i thing i can share to you all what happen to me within this to go now...will update later...

Friday, June 1, 2012

6 moths already~~~

like my post tittle..its already six month I do not update my blog...I just do not have idea to post anything to this suddenly i want to update my blog...hehehe..silly and lazy me right... ^_^

For your information now i in 3rd Year for Bachelor another one year to finish my bachelor and start working then continue for Master program...Just started my third year last week after be facilitator for new student with various type of attitude...

i got new name at there...all of them call me 'Kak Rara' cute right (feel so proud right now..hohohoh) but at the same time i already warn they that they will not recognize me after the orientation and that personality and my dress code totally different in orientation week...if in orientation week they just know me as bubbly and happy go lucky 'Kak Rara' but in real life i still happy go lucky but at the same time i also one of rule breaker in college...
(p/s: not a hardcore rule breaker but medium level only...hehehe..peace dean ^.^V)

aisshhhh why suddenly i feel so lonely sob sob (T.T)...all my memory with her suddenly burst in my mind maybe it is due after talking with my grandmom just now...i'm so sorry grandma it's not like i do not want to call you but i scared that i still not strong enough to talk about my late mom..sometimes i might be happy go lucky but actually sometimes i still feel so sad that i cannot see her anymore...just forgive your weak gradchild ok...i miss her so much but i need to be strong right...i cannot be weak in front my sister but sometimes i really cannot control my memories and tears...i just need someone to be my crying shoulder and i wish it not my sister because i do not want they feel sad...I know she also do not want me to crying over her but what to do sometimes i will miss her like crazy person...i just can pray that she will be peace at there...
♥♥♥ I LOVE YOU MOM ♥♥♥

i think it enough i write until here...i do not want both my sister realize my unstable emotions right now...
will be update soon ok...
bubbye and have a nice day