Saturday, April 19, 2014

After long time~~~~

Olla~~~ Annyeong~~~
Its already two years I'm not updating anything at here...It just I'm to lazy to write anything more prefer to hold it by myself...So what happen to me in this two years??? hahaha..I'm finally finish my study and now just wait for the graduation day...n I'm officially enter to adult world by enter the working the way now I'm working as junior consultant in internal audit...n I still single...hahaha..when can I found my prince charming or I prefer to call my other half??? so cheesy right now...Lets stop bout it ok...hahaha...Please congrats me because today is my birthday..YES 19 April is my BIRTHDAY!!!! n today is one day that I really miss her so much...It's already three years she leave me...just thinking what will happen if she still with me...It will be superb right..she will ask me what I want to eat and ask whether I sick or not? (I'm sick actually flue and fever)...It happen last year also on my just I miss her so much...This is the place I can tell my feeling on how much I love her...I just dont want to burden anyone but sometimes I really need someone to lean on...before I start to cry lets stop at here...hahahaha...I will try to update as much as I can...for now bye bye ^_^