Thursday, December 15, 2011

For the first TIME!!!!

Yup..i know some readers will be shock because i updating my blog twice in one day...what a miracle right...hahahaha...
actually i just wait for my sweat to dry after playing fursal with my geng just i score 3 tak while waiting i just want to share new
DONG BANG SHIN KI picture...

this picture is for japan album Winter Rose...the song is nice usual my "brother" in that group all must be thinking who is my "brother" right...who else if not
Jung Yunho @ U-Know

although from 5 members change to 2 members i still keep the faith that one day the can perform together on same stage as 1 again...hehehe...

ok Ira stop babbling just give the put the picture ok...hehehe...

enjoy it...
(only 2 pic i can get)

This picture is my "OPPA"
U-Know @ Jung Yunho

This picture is my Hero
Max @ Choikang Changming

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