Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sorry and Sorry~~~

Yup it almost more than one month i think i'm not updating my blog but believe me i do not have enough time to manage anything for myself...this semester totally lack of time...full with assignment,exam and others...that's y i cannot update this blog everyday...

Past few entry that i make is all about something that for me is passion but for others it is something crazy...yup i admit i am Korean-holic ( tak taulah ada ke tak istilah tu...hehe)...but for my perspective compare to lepak-ing or dating i think this hobby is much better...yup different people will say different thought but for it does not make any big deal if you know that what you doing is right and not break any rule whether it is cilvil or for people that face up some people that always critic what the hell you do just ignore it...because if you listen what they is not only your emotion will be up-side down but your life will be effected...I don't said that i'm a good person or someone that good in every aspect but i think myself is one of person that not make judge or result base on your appearance...i will know you first and then i will make the step what i will do next...(mengampu diri sendirilah plak...hehehe)

Let's stop talk bout that...if you want to know what korean drama or anything about KPop don't shy to talk it with me...but i advice if u want talk with me bout Kpop please "hit" me at my facebook page or my twitter...because i'm not really sure that i will always update my blog...

Just one to inform all the people that read my blog..i just lost the person that i love very much which is my mom...i hope you all can pray that Allah will place her di kalangan orang yang beriman...AMIN~~~

That's all for this entry...hope i can always update this blog...
Annyeong~~~ ^o^V

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