Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Collection~~~

sori for the absent for updating my blog...the reason for my absent is i got flu and my body feel so tired...

what type of entry that i will write for this time???
for this entry I will write the new Drama that i already finish download a.k.a will be new collection of korean drama...hehehe...

the first drama is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

This romantic comedy deals with “pretty boys,” who with good looks and individuality, operate a ramen shop with lively college girls and experience the happenings of daily life.

Yang Eun Bi is a University student preparing for her civil service exam with the dream of being a high school teacher. She accidentally encounters Cha Chi Soo, an arrogant son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea. Cha Chi Soo looks cool, confident and fascinates women with his bright smile and pure love. Both of them ends up working at a ramen shop runned by the lazy Choi Kang Hyuk.

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for my perspective this drama is worth to watch because beside the love story, this drama also teach about the relation between the family members. this drama is same like Boys Over Flower where there are 4 handsome guy and 1 girl that not really care about her appearance. so for those that like to watch this type of plot I really recommend this drama. in this drama i like tha action of eun bi when she scratch her chin when she nervous and also when kang hyuk act like a child and his habit that he can sleep easy anywhere he want.

for me this drama will get 3.8 over 5.0 from me^_^V

the second drama is Tree With Deep Roots

Based on Lee Jeong-myeong’s novel “Deep-rooted Tree”. Work that highlights the serial killings during the 7 days before the announcement of the Korean script.

A series of murder occurred during the reign of King Sejong. As Kang Chae Yoon who is investigating these cases gets closer to the root of the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy behind the serial killings which involves a group of genius who are willing to risked their lives towards their cause/goals and secret powers who will interfere with the course of his investigations.

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as you can see this drama is happen in Sejong reign. this drama suitable for those that like to think to solve the mystery that happen in this drama. this main purpose in this drama is to investigate the murder and also the difficulty to publish the Hangul character for replacing the Chinese character. for those that love Song Joong Ki, you can watch this drama to see him because he is one of the cast for this drama but for the information he only show up for first 4 episode that he play the role of young King Sejong. i love to watch this drama because this drama make me think during watching (i likethis type of drama besides comedic- romantic).

for me this drama will get 4.7 over 5.0 from me ^_^

thats all this time entry..will be update this blog when i got free time...


p/s: for those want to know where can download all this drama, do not shy to ask me in comment or in any my page such as twitter or facebook.. ^_^

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