Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Week Later~~~

it's already one week after i update my not-so-happening blog...hehehe...what happen to me within the week???

1. start a real semester and got Corporate Governance quiz just after two weeks start the this quiz i do silly mistake like usual things i do..hehehe..

2. got two as exco mass media for my english club and also meeting with all facilitator to talk the problem and solution what happen during orientation and induction of student and facilitator respectively. at the same time talk bout where we will do holiday for facilitator. at this time we all got two place need to choose whether do at 
Pulau Cherating or Pulau Langkawi..

3. i just do the usual thing i do within this week like what i do in past2 week such as:
a- downloading new korean drama ^_^V
b- playing futsal with my friends
c- jogging in the evening at campus lake (only when i not feel lazy)
d- do tutorial (this not really things i do..hehehe)

owh ya~~~ got another accident that i forget to n my friends saw notice who want to learn as a gurl that love music i so excited want to go because i thought they will teach us music instrument like keyboard, guitar (which i craving to leran it) and so on..
but on the way to go USK (Unit Sukan dan Kebudayaan), i meet one of the staff that i know and i ask him:
me: Abg Adib hari ni ada kelas musik kan kat USK???
Abg Adib: A'ah ada kalau tak silap abg.
me: Diorang ajar alat musik pe???
Abg Adib: alat musik melayu mcm gamelan..
me: APA!!!! GAMELAN!!! (at this time i just sit down because of shock) 
you know that i'm not too into for traditional music...thank god that at USK there are campus gym beside the music place and on that day it is girl time to use the without shame face ask one student that want to use gym to share her coupon (at my campus we use coupon to enter the gym) but i will pay her (1coupon = RM1) i enter gym and run on treadmill with skinny jeans...hehehe

that is all i thing i can share to you all what happen to me within this to go now...will update later...

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