Monday, April 11, 2011

it's LONG time~~

Hello n Annyeong~~~
it's a long time tat i have update my blog....firstly i apologize for tat...the reason for me not to update my blog is im TOO LAZY to update blog....seriously i so lazy...sor for my lazy far nothing special happen to my life...i still single n still doing my bachelor program in UNITEN...but the things is i just finish my first year of i will move to second year...but for this academic year i already selected to be facilitator for the new intake...hehehe..its time for lah...its just to experience is it difficult to maintain peace for new student n built my confident in communicate with others (although its not really a prob for me...hahaha)...tats all tat happen to me for a rest time tat im not updating my blog...huhuhu...
got to mom calling me for help...

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