Sunday, June 27, 2010

my passion ♥

let see what type of entry i want to write here today...i have no clue at all but still i want to type something because i do not why this night i cannot sleep....

what about korean entertainment life...hehehe...during this holiday besides hangout with my friends my daily activities is updating information about korean entertainment life...for example what new song or artist will come out...for this year some group do their debut such MBlaq with 'Y' Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) with 'stumble stumble', F.CUZ with 'No One' and many more...i can't remember...hehehe...beside that Super Junior group have release their new album....the song that include in that album such as 'Bonamana' (really like this song), 'No Others' n many more...there is some new group like Infinite, CN Blue and many more...they so cute as usual...hahaha...beside that the group that i love most got a little bit problem...n due for that all their activities being suspended...i hope they will settle this problem as soon as hubby which is Jung Ji Hoon also make me proud...he win the international award if i not mistaken the award is 'The Badass award' from MTV movie award...beside that he make a new album 'Back To Basic' with the first single tittle 'Love song'...i love this so much...n he also will become a main lead in new drama call 'Fugitive' (sorry if i make mistake) beside Jung Ji Hoon...another male artist that i like Taeyang from Bigbang will release new album 'Solar'...i do not know when the album will come out but i already hear some teaser and its sound awesome...

i think let finish here...if not there is no space for me to write all the information...hahaha...see you all in next entry....bubbye....sarangahae....
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